The Budget Friendly Home Décor Idea That Will Totally Transform Your Space


Wallpaper gets a bad wrap (get it?), but really it’s come a long way since the yellowing paper we’ve come to expect at our grandparents’ house. Now we’re not exactly sure why grandma opted to plaster her walls with this expensive stuff (no seriously, it’ll cost you around $1,000 per room with installation), but we can only assume it was cheaper back in the day. Enter the accent wall trend and we have the perfect décor solution: cute and stylish patterns at a minimal cost. If you don’t believe us, we’ll let the walls speak for themselves! 


  1. The minimalistic mud room is so beautiful as it reminds me of my roots. I love the entire arrangement and the use of whites and grays across the scheme. The splashes of yellow to makeeven more warm and welcoming!


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