Here Are The Best Tips (And Gifs) For A Successful Spring Cleaning


Spring cleaning can be a daunting task. We know, we’ve all been there. We’re sure you’re sick of hearing all the same cleaning instructions and peppy “It’s so easy!” messages, so we’re here to show you we know exactly how you feel, and to give you some smaller tips you might not have heard yet!


Home is where the hooks are!

Who doesn’t throw things in the nearest corner when you get home from a long day?

Instead of promising yourself you’re going to stop doing that (again), why not just work with the habit? Add a few hooks on the walls, get yourself an umbrella holder, some storage bins and even place a shoe rack in the mudroom as soon as you walk in the door. You won’t believe what a little bit of effort here can do!

Cotton Stem
Begone, “junk drawer!”

Take everything out of the drawers, organize them into categories, and voila! Do you have more categories of items than you do drawers? Divide them with plastic drawer organizers or even just an old cardboard box cut to fit inside. Honeycomb dividers are useful for really small things, like spare buttons or keys.

Kristy Wicks
“But what do I do with all the junk from my junk drawer?”

Chances are some of it will end up in other drawers or other rooms, but for any leftovers, you can use “secret” storage, like fake books or decorative boxes. They look cute and add flair to your rooms, AND they have a purpose.

New Obsessions
Tame the charger jungle!

Tangled electrical cords = NOT cute. You can avoid this messy look by wrapping them and holding them together with twine or binder clips. You can even give them their own space in one of your newly organized drawers!

Deep dust!

Dusting is often overlooked but so important to keeping and clean home! From shelves to plants and window sills to ceiling fans – your spring cleaning won’t be complete without a thorough dusting! If it’s not a hard surface (ie, rugs and furniture), just vacuum it up! It’s like exfoliating for your house, and you’ll be amazed what a difference it makes. 


Forget harsh chemicals!

Okay, the Clorox commercials are a little bit right: Some cleaning situations just call for bleach. But not all of them! Some of our favorite brands for safer scrubbing that leave out all those harmful chemical are: Mrs. Meyers, Common Good, Method, and The Honest Co.

Common Good
Mrs. Meyers
Perfume for your microwave? Yup, it’s a thing. 

Did you know you can refresh the smell of your whole kitchen using just your microwave? Try quickly microwaving half of an old lemon, or wet a sponge and put a couple of drops of vanilla extract on it. (Bonus: this kills bacteria on your sponge as well!) Sounds crazy, but it works!

Need extra counter space?

A clean counter is a happy kitchen! Organize your counter space with individual jars for baking necessities and spices, drying racks, and fruit bowls! Not only does it make your life that much easier, it also looks amazing too!


You can keep jars on your counter for flour, sugar, pasta, other commonly used items whose bags/boxes take unnecessary space in your pantry—they’re decorative and easy to access!

Better Homes and Gardens


Go through your closet!

Promise – throwing out old clothes isn’t as scary as it sounds. Just ask yourself: “When was the last time I wore this?” If it was more than six months ago, chances are it’s safe to get rid of it. Donate it to a charity or sell it! (Try to stick to this simple rule: Every time you buy one new article of clothing, you get rid of an old one. That’ll keep your closet from exploding, and keep you from having to go through this process again for a while.)

Shoe rack

AKA the most important thing in your newly organized closet.

Geralyn Co. via Etsy
Jewelry Rack

We’ve all had to untangle a knot of necklaces that takes twelve hours to untie AKA this feeling:

To solve this problem for good – try a cute standing jewelry rack! So easy to organize and it also provides a little decor piece for your makeup desk.

At Home In Love


Use music!

Fact: It’s infinitely more fun and easy to clean when listening to a good playlist!

Pace yourself!

Don’t try to do this all at once, you’ll either exhaust yourself or you’ll never do it. Tackle one room or one organizational task a day, you’ll feel accomplished and refreshed. (And remember to TREAT YO SELF afterwards!)


Form the habit!

Make everyday tasks part of your routine. If you take a few extra minutes to make the bed in the morning, or wipe down the counters/stove after you cook, eventually you won’t even notice you’re doing it anymore.

Organize your mind!

Get a day planner, a bullet journal, or even just a calendar, to write down important dates and events, and to keep track of things you want to get done or random thoughts you have.  It’s easy to say, “sure, I’ll remember,” but no matter who you are, having it written down somewhere will grant you peace of mind. Plus, it’ll help you keep track of all of these cleaning tasks you’re going to be keeping up on now! 😉


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