10 Simple Ways To Refresh Your Home For Spring


Spring is finally here! With the arrival of (in our opinion) one of the best seasons comes fresh blooms, warmer weather, brighter colors, and a new reason to decorate! A Spring refresh is totally what your home is in need of after a long winter. All it takes is a few décor updates to make your home a bright and cheerful abode you’re about to be so in love with!

Throw pillows

Add some throw pillows with colors and patterns to your couch or bed to instantly brighten up your space!

Yao Cheng Design


While you’re switching up your throw pillows, you can also change your bedding to a lighter material that will be cooler for the warm months ahead and one with a lighter color or pattern than your Winter bedding. Add a bright throw to pull together this Spring-worthy look for your bedroom!

Craft Berry Bush

Floral Prints

Alright, we know, floral for spring isn’t the most groundbreaking idea (as Miranda Priestly taught us in The Devil Wears Prada). There is, however, no reason that you can’t use florals to decorate for spring! Floral prints liven up any home and automatically remind us of the beautiful blooms outside!

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Coffee Table

Give your coffee table an update for Spring by adding some pastel coffee table books and flowers that match!

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The Pink Dream


Don’t forget about your floor when decorating your home for Spring! Bring in a patterned carpet with lots of colors to give a total update of your home from the ground up!


Seasonal Flowers

Entertaining guests during the Spring season? They’ll fall in love with a bright and refreshing vase of flowers! Whether on a bar cart or on your kitchen table, simply adding some seasonal flowers (tulips, daffodils, ranunculus) to your home makes it look and smell like the outdoors, and we promise you’ll love it!

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Place Settings

Instead of your normal plain place settings, add some pastel plates or cups to bring a touch of Spring to your dining table!

Artiese Studios
Ignata Ceramics


One of the simplest changes you can make to your home is to just light a different candle to make your house smell like Spring! Bonus points if the candle has a floral pattern on it to really tie in the feeling of Spring!

The White Company


It’s time to take down that wreath you’ve had up since the holidays if you haven’t already, but if you like having wreaths on your door don’t worry! Add a forsythia wreath to your door to bring in the bright, cheery feel of spring while keeping the door décor you love!

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Wiliiams Sonoma

Pops of Yellow

Spring is the perfect time to experiment with colors, and one of those colors we suggest is yellow! Add a bowl of lemons to your kitchen, a vase of daffodils by your bedside or a yellow throw to try out this décor idea!



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