Thanksgiving Table Décor That’s Even More Delicious Than The Turkey


Since Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks – we would like to share what we’re most thankful for. This year, we’re thankful for gorgeous tablescapes and creative designs that will set your event apart from the rest! Presentation is everything when it comes to entertaining and your effort won’t go unnoticed to your guests. So when you have a moment to stop thinking about the exact temperature you have to cook your turkey at to get it just right – remember these gorgeous Thanksgiving table décor ideas that are even more delicious than the feast.

We all know Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful for your family, friends, and of course good food, but let’s not forget our manners on this holiday. Check out our golden rules & tips for Turkey Day to ensure the day goes smoothly and everyone will be invited back next year!

Mix it up: Family is everything, but having a few non-family members present helps keeps everyone well-behaved and avoiding family feuds from decades past. We all know how Uncle Pete and Uncle Tom get after a few glasses of red!

Don’t Do it All: It’s ok to ask for help–these people are your friends and family after all. As long as you cook your turkey and a couple of sides, feel free to ask people to bring small dishes like pie or even a few bottles of wine.

Family Style: Don’t want to play chef and server? Understandable. Create a buffet table and call everyone, including yourself, to dinner at the same time! This way you can be a guest at your own party after the turkey is done.

Pre-Made Predicament: Is it acceptable to buy some dishes pre-made? Why not?! We suggest you at least cook your own turkey, but feel free to pop down to your local deli or specialty store for sides like brussels sprouts and stuffing. Don’t forget to call ahead and put in an order. You will NOT be the only one looking for last-minute Turkey Day dishes.

Happy Turkey Day to all!


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