Here’s How To DIY An Easy And Stylish Flower Crown


It’s time to upgrade your girl time this summer. Whether it’s your best friend’s bridal shower, a summer b-day or a “just because rosé exists and it’s summer” party, we got you. We’ve teamed up with the talented designers at B Floral to bring you this must-know flower crown DIY. With just a small stroll through the flower market and a quick stop at the craft store, you’ll have exactly what you need to whip up a flower crown station that’ll have your girls smiling and your selfies top notch.

Types of flowers:

– Pink Fringe Mini Carnations
– Pink Peonies
– Champagne Japanese Lisianthus

– Pink Fringe Mini Carnation
– Pink Spray Rose
– Purple Lilac
– White Astrantia

Tools you’ll need:

– Floral clippers
– Floral wire
– Rustic wire
– Greenery (preferably ruscus)
– Flowers, duh!

Step 1:

Using the rustic wire, measure out the base of your flower crown. We measure it around our heads and give an extra 2-3 inches. Typically this measures 22-24 inches total. We add the extra 2-3 inches in order to create a small loop on one end (just twist this together) and a hook on the other end. You will want to create the loop and the hook to secure your crown together once finished.

Step 2:

Begin to wrap greenery starting at the base of the rustic wire (end with the loop). Make sure to hold the greenery close to the rustic wire and slowly wrap until you reach the hook. As you wrap, secure the sprig with floral wire and twist multiple times as you approach the end of the crown’s frame, so the greenery will not come loose. Use as many sprigs of greenery as you need to cover the rustic wire. With the ruscus we typically use, we average 1-2 sprigs per crown.

Step 3:

Time for the flowers! Choose the first two to three flowers you want on your crown and cut your stems 2 inches from the bud of the flower. Lay the two to three flowers on top of one another and gently place on the base of your crown frame. Wrap the stems of the flowers with your flower wire around the base of the crown. We always keep the flowers ‘flowing’ the same way for a streamlined look. The flowers we used in this flower crown are light lavender Tea Rose, hot pink Feather Celosia, lavender Japanese Lisianthus, and white Astrantia.

Step 4:

Repeat step three! Pick additional florals (2-3 stems) and filler flowers such as sweet pea or baby’s breath that you’d like on your crown. Cut 2 inches from the bud and wrap again on the crown base with your floral wire.

Step 5:

Secure the loop and hook to bring the flower crown together!

Tip to remember: Always make sure the floral wire that keeps your greenery and florals secured is tightly wound and nothing sticks out!
Depending on how full you would like your crown to be, continue to add florals the same way as steps three and four. Once you’re finished, enjoy your beautiful crown!
Too cute for words.
The perfect bridesmaid look!



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