Throwing Your First Dinner Party Ever? Here’s What You Need


So you want to throw a dinner party! Now we’re not talking black tie or anything, just a nice night of hosting your friends at your place with food and drinks. The best thing you can do is keep it simple. After all, the important part of the evening is the good friends and good conversation, right? Well, we figured a few tricks up your sleeve wouldn’t hurt. Check out our must-haves to host your very own fun and easy dinner party. So like, we’re invited right?

DIY Centerpiece

Have empty wine or beer bottles sitting in your recycling bin? Spray paint a few, grab a gold sharpie and write a sweet message on some, get creative! Throw a couple of stems in each and voila… You have a centerpiece! Entertaining for the holiday season? We have a fun and festive idea for seasonal entertaining too!

Make Your Own

Instead of a seated formal dinner, set up a make your own bar. We love the idea of a MYO pizza bar. I mean who doesn’t love pizza? Try to limit your own food preparation to one dish. This way you can mingle with your guests when they arrive instead of lingering in the kitchen A salad or cheese plate will do just fine!

Flowers On The Rocks

What’s cooler than being cool? Infused ice cubes! If you’re serving your guests rosé (as is tradition, right?) then you need to dump your ice tray right now and add some blooms to chill your rosé on roses.

Cocktail Of The Evening

Along with your wine, offer one cocktail of the night that you can make ahead of time. Some drinks that are good in large batches are: margaritas, sangria, and basically anything that doesn’t require a splash of soda! If you’re planning on serving wine as well as liquor, plan to stock about 5 bottles for a party of 10.

Butcher Paper

You could try a tablecloth, but this is cuter. Label all of your food and drinks directly on the paper for an adorable and easy decoration hack!

Fun Favors

No one expects favors from a dinner party, but they’re ALWAYS much appreciated! Go the extra mile and buy one wine glass for each guest (dollar store, here we come!) and write their names on the bowl or at the base.

Party Napkins

Let your fun side show with these whimsy cocktail napkins. You’re going to need napkins anyway, so you might as well opt for cute ones!

A Bangin’ Playlist

This one totally depends on your party’s vibe, but try to steer away from songs with too many lyrics or Top 40’s. Just remember, don’t play DJ. Throw your playlist on and forget it!

A Hashtag

If you want your party to be the talk of the town, or if you simply want to be able to look back on fun photos in the future, make yourself a #!


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