The Ultimate Guide To Spring Wedding Flowers


Ah, Spring! The birds are chirping, the tulips are blooming, and everything seems just a little bit brighter. But our absolute favorite part of the season is (of course) the beauty of Spring weddings! There are so many options in terms of flowers when you decide to tie the knot in Spring – whether it be bright yellow daffodils or romantic purple lilacs. Plus, choosing in-season blooms will save you a pretty penny and will help maximize what you get out of your floral budget. We’ve rounded up our top 7 seasonal blooms to hopefully make your decision a little easier.


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This may come as a surprise, but Daffodils are actually the most popular of all spring-blooming flowers. With their cheery yellow hues and a crown-like form, it’s easy to see why this happy flower is a top choice for Spring brides!


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Not only do lilacs look romantic and fresh – they will also make your wedding smell of Spring heaven! We can’t help but love this classic Spring blossom.

3Lily of the Valley

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If Kate Middleton is forever your bridal inspiration, then choose Lily of the Valley for your floral bouquet, centerpieces, and anywhere else you may see fit! How gorgeous and delicate is it used as a bridal hair piece?


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For all you Southern belles out there – this one’s for you! As Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s Fixer Upper once said, “There’s something so beautiful about a magnolia blossom. It demands attention, and you can’t help but love those big, creamy petals and that fragrant smell.


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Do we really have to attempt to make a case for peonies? Just one look and you’ll fall in love with their big romantic ruffles and soft effortless grace. It’s safe to say no matter the season, peonies are a top choice among brides!


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Many people have this opinion that ranunculus are just the “not as good” runner-up to peonies. We beg to differ. Not only do ranunculus look amazing paired with just about any type of bloom, but they have this ability to blend into all types of setting so effortlessly from rustic barn weddings to fancy black-ties.


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Oh Tulips – how do you seem to get better with every season? With over 100 varieties (yes, you read that right!) of tulips to choose from in a wide range of colors, they’re an obvious choice for a Spring wedding.


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