19 Bridal Shower Favors Your Guests Will Actually Want


Ahh, the bridal shower. A time-honored tradition, like the bachelorette party, but fancier (and maybe a little classier lol)! Actually, the tradition of a bridal shower dates all the way back to the days when brides had to assemble dowries, which is what the presents used to be for. Now—because thankfully that’s not a thing anymore—they’re more of a fun way for the girls in a bride’s life to get together before the wedding, to meet, talk, laugh, play games, and enjoy each other’s company (and yes, of course, to give the bride presents). One of the best parts about a bridal shower for your guests is the favors they get to take home at the end. If you’re stuck for ideas, we’ve got a few of our own—here are 19 of the cutest ideas to get you started!

1Personalized Candles

The Little Market

Your guests can take the serenity and fun of the bridal shower home with them—and if you know them well enough, you can even tailor the scent of their candle to fit them personally!

2Scented Soaps


A luxurious soap bar will allow your girls to pamper themselves. Plus, how cute is the phrase “from my shower to yours?!”

3Personalized Candy

Something Turquoise

Guests don’t have to feel guilty about drooling over this candy bar—it’s literally got their name on it!

4 Commemorative Mints


It’s always handy to keep mints in your purse, and now everybody can remember all the fun of the shower whenever they decide to pop one!

5 Decorated Tea Bags


Does anything say “refinement” more than a cup of tea?

6 Sugar Scrubs


Everybody’s next spa day is going to be next-level with a sugar scrub to clear your skin and make it smell amazing.

7 Monogrammed Accessories


What’s more exciting than a new pair of sunglasses? How about a new pair of sunglasses with your initials on them?

8 Decorative Wine Stoppers

Kara’s Vineyard Wedding – Etsy

We love things that are cute AND practical! Your guests will be so excited to use these adorable reusable wine stoppers!

9Sweet Honey Jars

Elizabeth In Love

You can’t go wrong with honey: It’s delicious, it’s good for you, and it’s good for the planet! (Save the bees!)

10Decorative Glasses

Pipkin Paper Co

It’s always fun to have something cute to sip out of, whether it’s a hand-painted wine glass or a bedazzled champagne flute!

11Mini Champagne Bottles

Leslee Mitchell Photography

Shower guests can keep the party going after it’s over with these cute little pick-me-ups!

12Personalized Lip Balm

Beau Coup

Another handy item every lady should keep in her purse—you never know when chapped lips will attack!

13Thematic Hairties

Not On The High Street

Your girls will remember all the fun they had whenever they have to get their hair out of their faces!

14Nail Polish

Paperless Post via Etsy

You can NEVER have too much nail polish.

15Personalized Pocket Mirror

ModParty via Etsy

Little pocket mirrors are beautiful and practical, and everybody will be glad they have them on the wedding day (and beyond)!

16Wine Glass Charms

Sugar and Charm

Partygoers will never have to worry about mixing up their glasses again with adorable wine glass charms!

17Potted Succulents

Borden Specifics via Etsy

Here’s a sweet gift that will keep the party alive for a long time! You can give your guests an already-sprouted plant, or give out seed packets and let them do the planting themselves.

18Custom Spices

Something Turquoise

Really spice up your gift-giving with something delicious for the kitchen.

19Bath Bombs


Let your guests know you think they’re the BOMB with these favors!



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