Couples Who Embraced Their Rainy Day Wedding And Totally Nailed It


A bride’s worst nightmare may just be rain on her wedding day. But we’re here to tell you that it may not be that bad! If you embrace the raindrops you’ll find that you can get some unique and beautiful pictures you’ll cherish for years to come. As we prepare for a month of April showers, we’ve found 14 of the best rainy day wedding photos that will absolutely change your mind about rain on your big day!

Umbrellas are an obvious go-to on rainy days, and your wedding day is no exception:

Whether it’s just you and your groom sharing a moment under an umbrella or members of your bridal party keeping you safe from the rain, they make a beautiful addition to any photo!

Ryan Ray Photography
The Image Is Found
Our Love Is Loud
Sarah Bradshaw Photography

No umbrella? No Problem.

If you’ve always wanted to have a Notebook moment and aren’t afraid of getting a little wet, let the rain fall to capture some stunning images!

Brooke Shultz

Dance in the Rain:

Let yourself be swept away and dance a little!

Schilling Photography

Put on some boots:

Have a pair of rain boots ready if the forecast looks like it may rain. Even better? Have a pair of rain boots that match your wedding’s colors!

Sawyer Baird

Getaway car capture:

The raindrops on the window are what make this image so gorgeous!

Emily Baucom


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