You Won’t Believe What These Brides Filled Their Wedding Cakes With!


For the bride looking to surprise guests on her Big Day, we have the perfect option! Though these cakes may look totally normal on the outside, what’s inside will absolutely blow you away! “Surprise inside” cakes feature gorgeous exteriors and delicious interiors that we promise will make your mouth water!


Half Baked Harvest

Give guests a fresh surprise by adding fruit to the center of your wedding cake! Want to be even sweeter? Add some ice cream inside the cake as well for a delicious treat!

2Ice Cream

Wrap It In Sugar

This one is for brides out there who can’t get enough ice cream! Filling your cake with ice cream is basically the best of both worlds – you can have your cake and ice cream all in one!

3Something Blue

Love Life Studios

If you’re stuck on how to include your something blue into your wedding, try it in your cake! While the cake looks like a traditional white wedding cake on the outside, the blue ombréd layers adds a touch of fun to your something blue!


Now this one may just be for show, but what a statement piece for your dessert table! Unfortunately you can’t have your cake and eat it too in this case.


Bakers Royale

Adding shapes like this heart to the inside your wedding cake make it all the more sweet! Including fun colors like these rainbow layers add even more fun!


Scarlet O’Neill

Sprinkles make everything fun and exciting, so why not add them to your wedding cake? It makes a totally sweet treat guests are sure to enjoy!


Studio Pixel et Bechamel

If you’re looking for a salty sweet option for your wedding, try popcorn! This surprise inside cake features popcorn and is perfect for the bride and groom who love all things salty!


Ria Osborne

This couple filled their cake with skittles, which paired perfectly with rainbow layers. Feel free to fill your wedding cake with your favorite candy for a personalized touch!


Kake by Darci

Okay, so maybe these cakes aren’t filled with actual geodes (though they could be!). But they’re still filled with what appears to be a geodes and crystals, and they’re absolutely gorgeous!

10Layers of Color

One Charming Party

Bring in loads of color to fill the inside of your wedding cake with rainbow layers or layers of color that match your color palette!


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