Besides Cash, 8 Wedding Gifts Every Couple Will Love


Whether it’s for a down payment on their first home, or to help pay off their dream wedding, most new couples could use cash. However, some prefer a traditional gift—It all depends on the newlyweds and the gift-giver.  If you want to wow the newlyweds, you’re going to need to think beyond the crystal vase. Remember, the average spend on a co-worker is $50-$100, a friend or relative gets $75-$100, a close friend or relative is $100-$150 (sometimes more in urban areas like New York), but it doesn’t have to be in check-form! We’ve put together a list of the 8 wedding gifts every couple will love that aren’t cash so you can get your gift on!

1. Something To-Do
There’s only one thing better than new swag and that’s making memories. Sign the new couple up for a fun class like dancing or cooking. They’ll be needing those skills for the future!

2. Get Artsy
Be creative, B-E creative. If you’re the artistic type, create a one-of-a-kind gift from the heart. Plus you know the couple won’t get duplicates.

3. Classic China
You can rarely go wrong buying a set of nice china for newlyweds. Pro tip: you don’t know how they’re planning on decorating their new pad so buy something that will match almost any color scheme.

4. Dinner on the Honeymoon
If you know where the happy couple is headed on their honeymoon, look into a nearby restaurant and treat them to a nice dinner in paradise.

5. Excursion
While you’re at it, send your favorite couple on a fun and unexpected excursion for their honeymoon like riding elephants or deep sea diving. They’ll thank you for the forever-memories.

6. Couples Spa Day
You know they could use some relaxation after planning their dream wedding. Buy the newlyweds a couples massage package, and maybe one for yourself for being SUCH a good friend.

7. Photo Album
Buy a beautiful leather photo album and start the first page with their wedding invitation and save the date, let the happy couple fill in the rest of the years together.

 8. Worthy Cause
If you know the newlyweds would appreciate it and they have more than enough new toasters and fine china, make a charitable donation in the couple’s name.


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