What Should Actually Be In Your Clutch On Your Wedding Day


We know those bridal clutches are small, so it’s time to talk essentials. Pack yourself a bag ahead of time so you have one less thing on your mind on the Big Day. We’ve mapped out the 12 essential items you’ll want by your side on your wedding day, other than your groom of course!

1. Cell phone
It’s your big day and you’ll be surrounded by all of your loved ones, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need your cell! Even if you hand it over to your MOH to Snapchat your day, don’t forget to pack it in your bridal bag.

2. Tissues
This is a must—happiest day of your life = ugly crying, and lots of it.

3. Compact mirror
In between hugging every aunt and cousin you’ve ever met, and some you haven’t, you’ll need to check up on your makeup. Remember: photographers don’t take breaks.

4. Bobby pins
If you’re sporting an up-do, bobby pins are essential so that you can dance the night away while making sure your hair stays in place!

5. Mints
Everyone is there to see YOU! As hostess, you’ll be greeting all of your guests so make sure you smell minty fresh!

6. Safety pins
Heaven forbid a wardrobe malfunction, you and your MOH better be ready with safety pins to pull it back together. *knock on wood*

7. Ballet flats
It’s your night—you want to dance, but those Louboutins are not broken in yet. Pack a compact pair of ballet flats to subtly slip on when your feet are feeling iffy. No one will even notice them under your dress!

8. Floss
Your caterer is amazing, the best. Just make sure you don’t flash those pearly whites at the camera with the previous course still showing.

9. Lipstick
Between kissing your new hubby and every relative ever, you’ll definitely need to reapply! Don’t forget to ask your makeup artist to apply a lipstick that you actually own

10. Advil
Ok maybe this one is for the day-after, but after the longest-shortest day of your life and one too many rosés you’ll be needing some assistance.


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