Expert Tips on Staying Organized in the Kitchen


A happy kitchen is an efficient and well-organized kitchen.  I am currently living in a rental apartment in a kitchen that is smaller than I am used to.   I have learned to be very resourceful and figure how to get as much as possible into a small space.  You would be surprised what you can do with the great organizational products out there that give max efficiency to small spaces.


Let’s talk counter space:

I like to keep my counters as free as possible so I have more workspace.  This is important in a small kitchen. Therefore I use storage solutions from the Container store that allow to me to get the maximum amount of space in my storage cabinets.

What is allowed to live on your counters?

I leave out a fruit bowl for the ripe fruit and avocado’s, the toaster, the blender for the daily shakes and a Nespresso machine. Everything else is packed away neatly.

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Spices can be such an “on-hand” counter necessity. Any chic tips on how to display them neatly?

You can either put them on a terraced or stepped spice bottle organizer, or you can place them in Lucite drawers. If you’ve purchased branded spices from the grocery store, remove the spice from the bottle and opt for uniform containers for the sake of neatness.

How do you organize your fridge for maximum space?

Merchandise your refrigerator like a store would: keep all the bottles in one section, from tallest to shortest with the labels facing the front.   Keep the cheeses and dairy products In a drawer, keep the fruits and veggies in a separate drawer.

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Fresh produce can’t stay fresh for long. What are some fruits & vegetables you keep on hand always?

I am a vodka and tequila drinker so I always have fresh oranges, lemons, limes and mint so I can make a good cocktail at a moments notice.

The pantry can easily become miscellaneous kitchen storage. Any tips on keeping it tidy?

I always like to be able to find exactly what I am looking for.  I use organizational products from the Container store, which help me get maximum space and utilization from a smaller space.  Keep all the dried goods (pasta, beans, rice, flour etc.) together, separate all the cans, and keep the vinegars and oils in a separate space.

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Where should pots and pans be stored? 

Keep all the pots and pans together in the largest drawer that is closest to your stove and oven.  If you’re out of cabinet storage, in the oven they go!


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