All The Wedding Cake Inspiration You’ll Need In 2018


Your wedding cake is as much a decoration as any other part of your wedding – except you get to eat it, which makes it that much better! Don’t let the opportunity to bring some creativity to your cake pass you by. Here are 10 of this year’s top wedding cake trends you’re guaranteed to want at your Big Day!


Leila Brewster Photography

Try out this trend and your wedding cake is guaranteed not to succ (sorry, we had to do that)! Whether you use real succulents or create them using fondant or frosting, this trend is too perfect for any boho bride or succulent lover!

2Au natural

Cake Ink

One of this year’s top wedding cake trends is the au natural look. This minimalistic look allows the cake to truly be the star of the show with only a little frosting and some optional floral touches on top.

3Hand-Painted Flowers

Cake Ink

These hand-painted flowers look STUNNING on any wedding cake! Personalize them to your wedding’s color theme and you’re sure to have a cake everyone will “ooh” and “ahh” at.


Kristina Adams Photography

Geodes have been taking over the world of décor, and we love the look of them on wedding cakes! The best part about this trend? You can use sugar rocks or rock candy so that the cake is completely edible while still looking beautiful!

5Trios of Cake

Kristen Marie

Do you have too many amazing wedding cake options and you can’t decide which one to choose? Good thing trios of cakes are in style this year! You can have different flavors of cake, different decorations, or both and not have to sacrifice any of your options!

6Geometric Shapes

Kim Lyn Photo

Step outside the box of traditional wedding cakes by using geometric shapes on your cake! From hand-painted geometric designs to geometric cake stands, this is sure to set your cake apart from the average wedding cake.


Vanilla Bake Shop

Opt for a darker color this year in lieu of the traditional white. Adding white or pastel flowers to a black cake creates a more modern look for a bride looking for something new.


Tamara Gruner Photography

I mean, who doesn’t love marble? For any bride as obsessed with marble as we are, this cake is the perfect option!

9Drip Cakes

Lucy Munoz Photography

These cakes are any frosting lover’s dream! Finished off with drippings of icing, this is the perfect way to add a pop of color to a traditional white cake or to bring neutral tones a bold touch.


Cat Hepple

Nothing can shine quite as bright as the bride on her wedding day, but a metallic cake definitely will come close! You can add metallic touches to your cake or, for a bolder look, the entire cake can be made metallic!



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