Scary-Accurate Predictions For Your Wedding Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Do the stars really rule our lives? Maybe, maybe not. It is, however, extremely fun to occasionally rationalize our behavior with a shrug and an “I’m a Scorpio.” If you’re unconvinced by the vague zodiac traits and planet rulings, maybe you should try on something your own size (or ours), weddings! Does your b-day really dictate your Big Day? Let’s find out!

AQUARIUS: Jan 20 – Feb 18

Traits: Imaginative, original, uncompromising, inviting
Dislikes: confrontation, limitations, being alone, disagreement

Wedding Style: Modern and Whimsy

Forget the traditional wedding! An Aquarius bride has never had an unoriginal thought in her life and she’s not about to start on her Big Day.

Bride: Victoria Phipps Photography | Signage: Codrean Photography | Cake: via Wedluxe | Escort Wall: Danielle Poff Photography | Bar Cart: Megan Clouse Photography | Table: Rebecca Chan Weddings & events

PISCES: Feb 19 – Mar 20

Traits: artistic, compassionate, wise, selfless
Dislikes: pressure, criticism, restrictions

Wedding Style: Naturally Gorgeous

The compassionate and spiritual Pisces can’t be contained indoors. We see a beautiful, free-spirited and very in-touch-with-nature wedding in the Pisces bride’s future.

Table Setting: Lisha Wang Photography | Escort Cards: Jenn Emerling Photography | Misc Decor: Mallory Sparkles Photography | Signage: Raeleigh Photography | Arbor: Sweet Mary Photography

ARIES: Mar 21- Apr19

Traits: leader of the pack, confident, energetic, determined, passionate
Dislikes: inactivity, being ignored, meaningless work

Wedding Style: Elegant Femme

With enough passion and energy to fill the room, an Aries bride never settles for less. Don’t be surprised if this bride has already planned every detail of her wedding before her engagement!

Gown: Paolo Sebastian | Reception: Le Secret D’Audrey | Bouquet: Lily Paloma Floral

TAURUS: Apr 20- May 20

Traits: strong, dependable, patient, sensual, stable
Dislikes: disruption, being rushed, being indoors

Wedding Style: Seafront & Serene

All work and no play makes Taurus a dull girl. This smart and ambitious bride values their relaxation, and they deserve it too! A calm and scenic beach wedding is our pick for this sensual sign.

Bridal Party: Kat Stanley Photography | Escort Cards: Graham Terhune Photography | Hair: Photography by Ben and Kadin | Aisle: Samuel Lippke Studios | Reception Table: Tec Petaja Photography | Cake: Vanilla Bake Shop

GEMINI: May 21-Jun 20

Traits: Adaptable, inquisitive, affectionate, gentle, fun-loving
Dislikes: being alone, routine

Wedding Style: Urban Meets Nature

Geminis love to shake it up. Their adaptable and two-sided nature can often seem like they’re two people sharing one body. What better than a wedding day where nature and an urban setting work together in perfect harmony?

Gown: Jenny Packham | Reception Table: Jacoby Photograpgy and Design | Lounge & Cocktail Hour: James and Schulze Photography

CANCER: Jun 21- Jul 22

Traits: sentimental, protective, intuitive, creative, loyal
Dislikes: revealing personal life, strangers

Wedding Style: Intimate & Romantic

A Cancer bride may seem closed off, but once she lets you in she’ll be loyal ‘til death. An often protective and private bride deserves a stunning elopement with only her day ones present.

Table: Adrian Wood Photography | Aerial Shot: Corbin Gurkin Photography | Cake: Lucia Mosci | Bar Cart: Studio 28 Photography | Misc Decor: True Grace Photography

LEO: Jul 23 – Aug 22

Traits: generous, cheerful, funny, creative, self-assured, fiery
Dislikes: challenging situations, rudeness

Wedding Style: Bright & Inviting

The self-assured fire sign wants a wedding that suits her—a cookie-cutter wedding simply won’t do. Uncaring of anyone else’s opinion, the Leo bride is unapologetically bold and creative in her Big Day choices.

Gown: Hayley Paige | Staircase: Adria Lea Photography | Escort Cards: Altar Ego Weddings | Arbor: Austin Trenholm Photography | Reception Table: Paige Hones Photography

VIRGO: Aug 23 – Sep 22

Traits: private, analytical, insightful, perfectionist
Dislikes: loud people and places, being criticized,

Wedding Style: Sweet Escape

Sophisticated and kind, Virgos make amazing and reliable friends. A Virgo may seem shy at first, and it takes a while to earn her trust, but when you do, you’ll see a whole new world! Those lucky people who get to see the inner Virgo bride will be invited to an intimate celebration for her wedding day.

Ceremony: Andrew Mark Photography | Reception Table: Lexia Frank Photography | Lounge: LV Imagery | Cake: The Love Collective

LIBRA: Sep 23 – Oct 22

Traits: Social, diplomatic, indulgent, romantic
Dislikes: making big decisions, conformity

Wedding Style: Fairytale Romance

Lovers of all things fabulous, a Libra bride intends to have the wedding of the century. Often a daydreamer, don’t be surprised to feel like you’ve entered a storybook on a Libra’s wedding day.

Ceremony: Anna Kim Photography | Staircase: Damaris Mia Photography | Cake: Jose Villa Photography | Gown: Julie Vino | Fountain: Little Boat Photography | Reception Table: Maura Rose Floral Design And Events

SCORPIO: Oct 23 – Nov 21

Traits: resourceful, brave, true friend, decisive, calm
Dislikes: dishonesty, powerlessness, isolation

Wedding Style: Tastefully Rustic

Not your average rustic wedding. Scorpios are trailblazers who make a statement wherever they go. Go big or go home, we say. An elegant and romantic country-style wedding is our pick for this water sign.

Bride: Ashley Largesse Photography | Lounge: Baredon photography | Cake: Cake and Cupcake Design | Table Setting: Conforti Photography | Ceremony: Kristina Adams Photography | Reception Table: Lane Dittoe Photograpy

SAGITTAURIUS: Nov 22 – Dec 21

Traits: funny, extroverted, generous, treasures freedom, optimistic
Dislikes: being constrained, clingy people. details

Wedding Style: Classic & Timeless

A Sagittarius bride can’t be bogged down with too many details. She knows what she wants, but doesn’t fret over the little things. This bride is there for one thing, to marry her beau and to have a great time!

Escort Board & Reception Table: Britt Chudleigh Photography | Venue: Hidden Pines Chapel | Sweetheart Chairs: Jillian Rose Photography | Bride: Jose Villa Photography

CAPRICORN: Dec 22 – Jan 19

Traits: independent, serious, disciplined, practical
Dislikes: gossip, laziness, quitting, impulsivity

Wedding Style: Traditional & Elegant

No funny business here! Our ever-practical Capricorns want no muss, no fuss for their wedding. A stunning ceremony in white will do the trick!

Cake: Ooh Events | Balloons: Bowtie and Belle | Ceremony: Justin Demutiis | Car: Kelly Lenard Photography | Bride: Tamara Gruner Photography


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