Everything You Need To Know About Throwing A Wedding After Party


Why do they call it an after party? If you ask us the party isn’t over; it’s just getting started! Every great party needs an even better dance party to follow, and we’re showing you how to throw the best of the best. We love dance parties because they’re a great way to keep one of the best nights of your life going as long as possible! Any stress or formalities are put behind you and you can finally relax, dance and have fun. Dance parties also let you spend a little more time with those Very Important People you didn’t get enough time with throughout the day. Here’s how to throw a Grammy worthy dance party for you and your lucky guests:

1. Who gets the invite?

In terms of dance party etiquette, whoever was invited to your reception, should be invited to the dance party. However, odds are Grandma and her mahjong club won’t come. Leave space on your invite to make a note of the dance party details. Even if you know that some guests definitely won’t be attending, it’s the polite thing to do to invite all of your guests so that they at least have the option to attend.

2. Where should I host it?

Make sure your dance party spot is convenient for you and your guests to get to. Sometimes venues offer a separate room with a bar for you to use during after hours. If the venue doesn’t have something on the grounds, rent a shuttle bus that goes from the reception to your after party location in order for your guests to get there quickly and safely. After all, the less travel time means the more party time. Don’t use a venue that is more than 10 minutes drive or you will lose many of your guests.

3. How about décor?

This is your chance to have a less formal celebration – decorate it however you’d like! Modern wedding lounges can completely transform a reception from ordinary to fabulous by creating an intimate place where guests can relax, drink delicious cocktails and mingle into the early morning hours. Whether poolside or surrounding the dance floor, these chic seating areas are modern must-haves!

4. Should I serve food?

Don’t forget food! Trust us – after an hour or two of dancing to Beyonce’s best, your guests are going to be looking for a late night snack. Dress it down a bit from the reception and make it feel more casual. Serve sliders, fries, milkshakes – you know, those amazing late night snacks that we all can’t resist! Or consider hiring a food truck!

5. Who pays?

Since after parties are a fairly new wedding trend, there’s no set etiquette for who pays. If a dance party is on your must-have list, then make sure you factor it into your overall wedding budget. Sit down with your fiancé and determine what it’s going to cost and how you’re going to pay for it.

6. Lights out on your Big Day

If it’s pushing 2am and you can’t keep up, feel free to hit the honeymoon suite whenever you’d like. It’s your party you can leave whenever you’d like. Trust us – your guests will be just fine fending for themselves with great music and a well-stocked bar.


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