You’re Guaranteed To Find These Types Of Guests At Every Wedding


We’ve all been to our fair share of weddings and witnessed our fair share of wedding guests. From the over-indulgent to the “what is she wearing?” we’re giving you the rundown of every character you should expect to see at your wedding.

The Happy Crier

Also known as the “gusher”. This person can be seen sobbing from the start of the ceremony to lights out on your reception.

The “I Can’t Believe I’m Still Single” Guest

Likes to make their relationship status (or lack thereof) known to all. Warning: can be a party pooper.

The Over-Indulger

Did someone say open bar? You can find this person posted at the bar for most of the night—might want to keep an eye on this one.

The Emotional Speechgiver

Your best friend from pre-k can’t contain her emotions long enough to recite the speech she wrote the second you got engaged.

The Judger

This person has been to more weddings than they can count and considers themselves an expert in yours. Hand them a drink and keep moving. Potentially an aunt or older relative.

The “Who Is That Again?”

She’s your cousin’s fiance’s twin? I thought that was Stacey. Wait so who invited her?!

The Dancer

It’s time for dinner and this guest is still trying to get down on the dance floor. Where’s a bouncer when you need one?

The Inappropriate Dresser

This guest will show upin a white or light-colored dress or simply way off the dress code like it’s NBD.

The “Photographer”

This guest is a bit selfie obsessed. You can catch them trying to find their light in the photobooth all night.

The One Who’s Just Here For The Food

Are you gonna finish that? This guest came hungry and isn’t leaving without taste-testing every passed app and cheese plate you ordered. Well…someone has to eat it right?


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