These 13 GIFs Perfectly Sum Up All Your Wedding Planning Stress


Wedding planning is an exciting time. You get to plan all the details for the best day of your life! However, on the road to that perfect wedding, you’re sure to encounter just a little stress. Don’t worry though! Stress is normal when wedding planning and you’ll totally forget about it when you have the wedding of your dreams! Below are the stages of stress every bride is guaranteed to go through during the process.

1When all of your dream vendors are booked for your wedding date

2When you realize how expensive everything you want is …

3… and you realize how hard it is to stick to a budget

4When everyone you know is trying to give you their opinions about what your wedding should be like

5When the stress hits you and all you want is food

6When you’re behind on all of your wedding planning to-do lists

7When people tell you you’re too picky about details and need to relax

8When people don’t understand why you’re so stressed

9When one of your guests asks for a plus one after the seating chart has been made

10When there are only a couple of months left until your wedding and there’s still so much to get done

11When your Pinterest DIYs look nothing like they’re supposed to

12When you’re still missing RSVPs and the wedding is in a few weeks

13When the stress of planning pays off and you get to have the time of your life at your dream wedding


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