Brides, The Latest Trend In Bouquets Doesn’t Involve Flowers


As is tradition, the blushing bride will walk down the aisle holding her bouquet of flowers, toss said bouquet, or dry it out and keep it on her shelf forevermore. This age-old tradition (stemmed from carrying herbs to ward off bad luck) is exactly that: old AF. Luckily, we’ve mixed it up with gorgeously unique bouquets that are bursting with flowers and style, but we’re here to tell you that there are other options! And only some of them are herbs to ward off evil. Only kidding, you’ll have all the luck and love you’ll need on your wedding day! If you’re a non-tradish bride, or just feel like shaking things up, love them or hate them, we’ve got the non-floral bouquet inspiration every bride needs to see.


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