Here’s Everything You *Need* On Your Wedding Website


In this day and age, passing information from you and yours, to your future wedding guests happens mostly digitally. You don’t need your old roommate from college texting you the week before your wedding asking 21 questions, because that’s completely overwhelming. This is why you need… drum roll please… a wedding website! This website will be your guests’ one-stop-shop for all things related to your special day.

Luckily websites have become super customizable to allow each couple to keep with the theme of their wedding (just like you would with your invitations or flowers). If you’re hosting a fabulous barn wedding in Tennessee, the feel of your wedding website can reflect that country glamour on every fun and interactive page! From your registry to travel directions, we can’t promise your phone won’t be ringing off the hook, but it will be with well wishes instead of questions! We’ve put together the 12 essentials for your wedding website!

1. Your Love Story
Not all of your guests were lucky enough to hear the sweet details of your love story and heart-melting proposal. Write a brief intro to you as a couple as well as some juicy details on how he asked.

2. Gallery
Engagement photos are way too fun to keep to yourself. Post a few on your website to share with friends and fam alike.

3. Venue Info
Always, always include the venue address, exact time you want your guests to arrive and detailed directions from multiple locations. Make sure Aunt Sally from Syracuse knows how to get there as well as Uncle Dave from Georgia!

4. Registry
You could include your registry information on the invitation, but etiquette experts do not recommend it. Instead, opt for a tab on your website for a more tasteful and informative registry section.

5. Contact Info
Make sure everyone knows how to get in touch with you, but don’t forget to indicate your preferred method of communication. We suggest using the email that you made especially for your wedding.

6. Schedule
This is extremely helpful if you’re planning a wedding weekend and absolutely essential for a destination wedding. Your guests are likely coming from all over the country or world to see you tie the knot. Make sure everyone knows where they’re supposed to be and when!


7. Meet The Bridal Party
You and your husband-to-be have selected the best of the best for your wedding entourage. An adorable “meet the bridal party” page with photos and how you know them is the sweetest touch!

8. Guest Book
A handwritten guestbook on display during your cocktail hour and reception always makes for a nice keepsake, but a digital guestbook allows for more creativity with pictures, and videos that guests can add on their own time.

9. Hotel Accommodations
Let your guests know if you have a block of rooms available. If you don’t, use this area to suggest nearby hotels and add their respective phone numbers.

10. In The Area
Suggest some fun things your guests can do while they’re in the area for your big day. If you’re having a destination wedding, suggest some tourist attractions they won’t want to miss!

11. Interactivity
Your wedding website isn’t all business! For some added fun, provide a section where your guests can interact with you. You can have everyone enter their vote on which of you will happy-cry first, request a song for the reception or enter a contest for the best wedding hashtag!


12. Meal Requirements
This one will save you a headache on your wedding day. The last thing you want is to find out your second cousin is a vegetarian after the waiter has just placed a gorgeous filet mignon in front of him.

13. Special Requests
Every couple has special requests for their wedding. Whether you want to let your guests know that you’re having an unplugged ceremony or that you would prefer a charitable donation in lieu of a traditional gift, put it all on the website to avoid sounding like a broken record!


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