Drop The DIY! You Can Find Your Wedding Must-Haves On Etsy


Wedding planning is grueling enough without bringing out the hot glue gun and attempting to DIY your entire day! Luckily the craft queens of the world have gathered in a magical placed called Etsy where the not-so-crafty bride can find almost every detail she’ll need to make her day truly special (or brides who realize ain’t nobody got time for that while planning a wedding). From garters to gowns, we swear you’ll find everything you’re searching for, but to make it even easier, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite Etsy items from some of our favorite Etsy shops! Shop away, brides-to-be, shop away!

1. Signature Signage

Etsy should add a subtitle that reads “Home Of The Best Calligraphers Like Ever” because it’s 100% true. There’s no better place to order your wedding signage!


2. Cake Topper

Personalized toppers are all the rage, and we totally understand why. From laser cut wood to glittering gold, there’s a cake topper for every wedding style!

3. Fave Favors

If there’s something that’s almost endless on Etsy it’s favors. There’s a little something for every wedding style. One of our personal faves are these custom venue-printed koozies.

4. Printables

Why buy it when you can print it at home? That’s our motto. If you’re going to DIY anything, just make it easy on yourself and stick to a printer and scissors…oh and some really adorable designs. Ceremony programs and menus, check!

5. Invites

With the sheer number of custom invite options available on Etsy, there’s a 0% chance of not finding one perfect for your “I do’s”

6. Personal Hangers

Bridal party hangers make for an amazing keepsake and some insta-worthy “getting ready” pics. Your girls will love the reminder when they pop into their 27 dresses-esque closet.

7. Bridesmaid Proposal

Does anyone in the entire universe have the time to create custom bridesmaid proposal boxes while planning a wedding? Seriously curious.

8. Bridal Hair Piece

You could skip the second, third or tenth (depending on the bride) trip to the bridal salon and scoop up a gorgeously petite flower crown from your fave craft site!

9. Garlands Galore

Faux can occasionally match fresh! Instead of furthering your florist fees, opt for a faux floral garland for bar or reception décor. We promise no one will notice nor mind!

10. Guestbook

Talk about a gorgeous keepsake! You’re going to have to go the customized route for your guestbook anyway, so you might as well have it handmade with love! Classic and minimalist or chic and unique, the choice is yours!




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