The 11 Essentials You’re 100% Going To Need In Your Bridal Suite


The morning of your wedding is an exciting time – in just a few hours you’re marrying the love of your life! It can also be a little stressful. Ease any anxiety about timing and the other 400 things on your mind by having a totally amazing bridal suite! This is the perfect place for a bride and her girls to prep themselves for the best day of your life! Wondering what you need in your suite? Read on to find out all the bridal suite must-haves you need for your wedding!

1Fun Playlist

A Sea of Love

The first thing every bridal suite needs is a fun playlist! Put on some songs that everyone can dance and sing along to for a guaranteed way to bring some happy and stress-free vibes to start off the day.


In case the bridal party gets hungry while prepping for the Big Day (it can be a long process!) make sure that you have some delicious snacks ready! Try some light snacks like vegetables or hummus and pita chips and stay away from messy snacks that could stain.


Ciane Gessel Photography

Is it really a celebration if there’s no champagne? Make sure you have a bottle (or two) and pop some bubbly with your girls while you get ready!


Have plenty of water and ice in your room so no one gets dehydrated while getting ready. This goes double for a hot summer wedding!


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Your wedding day is an emotional one especially when your girls first see you in your dress! Be prepared for many happy tears by having plenty of tissues around.


There’s a chance that dresses could get wrinkled, and if this happens a steamer could seriously save the day! This is something you absolutely need to have in your suite to make sure that everything is perfect for your Big Day.

7Wedding Day Scent

victor_ine via Instagram

They say smells ring bells! Wedding bells that is… We are obsessed with the idea of scenting your bridal suite with calming oils that will transport you back to your wedding day over and over. Look no further than our favorite scenting company, Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll by Victorine. This New York-based curator of the senses will sit with you to customize your perfect day-of scent and bottle you some extra to have and to hold forever and ever. The perfect bridal scent you ask? Victorine suggests “Sex” as the perfect calming blend.

8Comfortable Shoes

Mishelle Boyd Photography

Find some stylish, comfortable shoes that can double as your “getting ready shoes” and later your “dance the night away” kicks for when the heels

9Sewing Kit

Finding a seamstress at the last minute is definitely not what you want to be doing before you get married. Keep a sewing kit in the room in case of fashion emergencies!


10Emergency Kit

Be prepared for any possible emergency with an emergency kit! You can either buy a kit or DIY your own! If you’re DIYing, try including some of these items:

  • Stain Remover
  • Band Aids
  • Bobby Pin
  • Blotting Paper
  • Tweezers
  • Mints
  • Pain Reliever

11Extra Seating

You’ll be on your feet all day, so have some extra chairs or benches around for when you need to take a break! Plus, seats are great for cute pics of you and your bridal party getting ready!


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