Why Balloons Are What’s Missing From Your Wedding


Balloons are blowing up the wedding world and we can definitely see why! Some of you may be thinking that balloons aren’t for sophisticated weddings – they’re for children’s birthday parties. Well, we’re looking forward to changing your perspective on this floating new trend!

There are so many different ways to add balloons into your wedding décor. Imagine rows of chic white balloons anchored to long banquet tables at your evening reception. They can also be filled with fun accessories such as glitter or confetti! Love will definitely be in the air with floating balloon letters above a ceremony arbor. Or better yet – an arbor entirely built of balloons and floral! An easier idea would be to create a wall full of balloons with guests’ names and table numbers on them for a playful take on escort cards. No matter what heights you’re hoping to reach, our balloon gallery offers tons and tons of beautiful inspiration.

One of our favorite wedding balloon ideas to try is a balloon arch! It may sound crazy – but it’s actually amazing! You can make them for bridal showers, engagement parties, and of course, weddings! Choose your favorite color palette, grab some glue, and transform any room with bursts of balloons. These amazing floating arches create fun photo backdrops for your guests and bring a fabulous visual focal point to your party!


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