The 15 Stages Of Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress


OMG it’s time! You’ve been pinning dresses and following designers on Instagram for decades it seems, and now it’s finally time to find your perfect gown! It’s going to be super fun and you’ll feel like a princess the entire time, we promise, but it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t let you in on how this old tradition typically goes down. Here, let us explain…

1. Making an appointment at the bridal boutique


2. Deciding which friends to invite to the appointment


3. When your married friend says she bought the first dress she tried on


4. Trying on a dress you can’t afford


5. Realizing wedding dresses are heavier than you imagined


6. Strutting out in your first dress


7. When your BFF doesn’t immediately swoon over a dress you love


8. When your mom says you should look for a more traditional gown


9. When you think you found the one, but suddenly your dream dress catches your eye


10. When the dress looked better on the rack


11. When you go back to your #1


12. When you all finally agree on one


13. When they get your measurements and take your dress away for alterations


14. When your sister says you don’t have to diet to fit in your dress


15. When you try your dress on after alterations and it fits like a glove



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