9 Ways To Make Your Wedding Reception Way More Fun


When it comes to your guests, we can almost guarantee that their favorite part about going to a wedding is the party that starts at the reception! There a few essentials to having an awesome reception: a good playlist, some liquid courage, and a packed dance floor. But if you know you want to go above and beyond to take your reception from fun to absolutely unforgettable – then this one’s for you!  There are so many ways to keep the party going all night long — here are a few of our personal favorites that will definitely do the trick:

1. Confetti Canon

I can guarantee the only person who won’t like a confetti canon at your wedding is the one who’s cleaning it up. Confetti is like magical paper: the cost is relatively low and it has an enchanting effect. You can also use fresh flower petals or balloons, whichever you prefer.

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2. Selfie Station
Set up an iPad in front of a large chalkboard and encourage guests to draw and take creative photos. You can also make your own cardboard Instagram cutout and ask your photographer to pass it to guests throughout the event.

3. Amazing DJ
No pressure, but a DJ can make or break your wedding reception. You don’t want someone shouting into the microphone all night, but rather someone who can manage the flow of the party with ease. Choose a DJ who just gets you and accepts your disdain for group dances.

4. Keep The Drinks Flowing
Fact: a guaranteed way to get your guests up on the dance floor is tequila. Pair shooters with miniature tacos and pass them around the dance floor to keep guests dancing for a few more hours.

5. Shot Station
Don’t ask us why or how, but there’s a bond that instantly forms when you take a shot with someone. In the interest of making two families become one, set up an all-you-can-drink shot station, complete with multiple different recipes, chasers and citrus wedges. Bottoms up!

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6. Flip-Flop Station
Attach tickets to the back of guests’ place cards and set up a flip-flop station to relieve tired feet. Your guests will love getting their new kicks and the dancing will continue long into the night.

7. Live Entertainment
Having live entertainment at your wedding brings energy and excitement that other elements cannot and the Colin Cowie Weddings team has officially seen it all! From cabaret dancers, flamethrowers, walking tables, aerial dancers, fireworks, you name it.

8. Food Trucks
People love options and people LOVE good food. Hire a couple of food trucks to set up shop outside of your venue and watch guests go crazy over the late night snacks. This will instantly refuel your friends and family and prompt a ton of foodie Instagram pics.

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9. After Party
Keep your reception going long into the night with a chic lounge setup beside the dance floor. Provide bottle service to guests and use the traditional nightclub sparklers when bringing bottles to the table. Your guests will love the special VIP attention!


  1. I love your suggestion to get a few food trucks to be outside of your wedding venue so that your guests can have a lot of snack options. My fiance, Wesley, and I are going to be getting married in about a month, and we were thinking about food. This would be especially cute for us because one of the first dates Wesley took me on was to a food truck rally. We’ll have to book some trucks to come to the reception.


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