The 10 Best Youtube-Famous Wedding Hair Tutorials


I think we can all agree that our hair is usually 10% effort and 90% dry shampoo – thankfully, your wedding day is the exception. It’s the day you finally get to look like all those youtube stars you pull all-nighters to stalk on a weekly basis. To save you some time, we’ve rounded up the best youtube-famous bridal hair tutorials that will take you from bed-head to Victoria’s Secret Angel in under 10 minutes. Prepare for inspiration overload and slight insecurity about your subpar messy bun today (oh well!)

1. Wavy Double Twist Crown Braid

2. Volumizing Victoria’s Secret Hair

3. Half-Up Princess Hair

4. Boho Mermaid Braid

5. Messy High Bun

6. The 2-Minute Rope Braid

7. The 2-Minute Low Bun

8. Short Hair Curly Up-Do

9. Big Wavy Ponytail

10. Soft Twist-Wrapped Bun


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