Bomb Wedding Makeup Tutorials For Every Bridal Style


It’s so important to feel like your best self on your wedding day! So just in case an unwanted blemish shows up on your face the day before – don’t fret, because makeup is here to save the day. Brides should allot for 45 to 60 minutes of getting ready time to be reserved for just makeup. To get some inspiration for your fresh wedding face, we turned to Youtube tutorials (obviously). Whether you’re indecisive on what you want your wedding makeup to look like or you simply just like to watch people do their makeup all day (because, who doesn’t?), here are the top 10 most bomb makeup tutorials for your Big Day.

1. The Classic Bride

2. The Brown-Eyed Bride

3. The Glam Bride

4. The Natural Bride

5. The Summer Bride

6. The Fair Skin Bride

7. The Dark Skin Bride

8. The Bold Bride

9. The Boho Bride

10. The Smokey-Eyed Bride


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