Pretty Platinum Gifts That Your Wedding Party Will Actually Want


It’s your wedding day and your biggest gift will surely be the love of your life standing at the end of the aisle waiting to say “I do!” However, don’t forget about the girls standing by your side who got you through the planning process (with thousands of post-its and a half a dozen bottles of red). To give back to the ladies who buttoned up your dress and wiped the lipstick from your teeth, we put together a gift guide to grace your girls with a little extra bling on your Big Day. We love the idea of giving platinum jewelry to your day ones, signifying that your friendship has and will always endure.

1. Heart Shaped Platinum Diamond Earrings

2. Platinum Bead Link Bracelet

3. Infinity Rings Necklace

4. Diamond and Platinum Micro Studs

A little personalization goes a long way—If you’re making the plunge and buying a gorgeous platinum piece for your fave friends, have it engraved with their monogram, a sincere ‘thank you’ or even simply their name! You could go with white gold, but the durability is simply not the same. White gold loses small pieces of metal with each scratch! If you want to give something that will truly last forever, we suggest you hit it home with a platinum gift.

5. Engravable Bar Necklace

6. Platinum Heart Pendant

7. Bezel-Set Platinum Friendship Ring

8. Diamond Studded Dogtag

9. Honeycomb Friendship Ring

Now that’s some serious bling for your girls. For a sparkle that won’t quit, you absolutely must pair those diamonds with the truest “white” metal. Despite its name, white gold actually retains a small yellow tinge, while platinum will ensure those diamonds are as flashy and crystal clear as they should be!

10. Baguette Diamond Friendship Ring

11. Three-Stone Diamond Pendant 

12. Shimmer Cut Hoop Earrings




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