Brides Are Obsessed With This Hot New Wedding Jewelry Trend – See It Here


Apart from adorable dogs with their tongues perpetually hanging out, gorgeous ring stacks are the trendiest thing on Instagram right now. This look is ideal for mixing and matching styles for that everyday flair, or an amazing addition to your bridal jewelry collection. ’Tis the season to drop that hint for your wedding anniversary or an extra special holiday surprise! If you’re ready to hop on this awe-inspiring trend, we’ve stacked up all of the inspiration you’ll ever need!

Happy Thanksgiving!! What are you thankful for this year?

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Diamonds on Halloween!

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I was thinking of adding a new band but I love them all…… #stackisthenewblack

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If you’re planning on wearing your bands on the reg, we cannot stress enough how essential platinum is to set your diamonds. No metal lessens the chance of stone loss quite like platinum does, and you do want to be shining eternally, right? There’s a reason many of the most renowned diamonds in the Crown Jewels AND the Hope Diamond are all set in platinum—only the best for the best!

Ice at the beach!

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Diamonds are forever, but we’ll take a sapphire or emerald too—we’re not too picky until it comes to our metal. For stones as rare in beauty and form as these, a platinum band is truly the only option. To give you some perspective on just how precious platinum truly is, if all of the platinum ever mined were melted and poured into an Olympic-sized pool, the metal would barely reach your ankles. Crazy, right? Compare that to a pool of gold which Phelps could compete in—3 Olympic pools-worth to be exact! For the best Insta pics and the most beautiful jewelry the answer is clear, it has to be platinum.


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